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Computer Science Homework Help

Are you searching for online Computer Science Homework Help? Need Live Math Help? Are you looking for an Online Physics Tutor? I teach online computer science, math and physics for peoples all over the world.

My name is Cristian Oprea and I'm a freelancer from Romania. I graduated in 2002 the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers from Bucharest. I'm also head of promotion. During more than 8 years in the computer programming industry I have worked with many different people on various projects and as a result I gained some unique and strong experience in the IT field. You are my guest to test online or buy two of my favorite programs:

I will give you good news. You're in the right place. We can work together regardless you live in Romania or in another part of the earth. Current software applications developed for the Internet allow a realistic audio/video remote communication. Daily practice and rich personal experience in the field of Computer Science Homework Help entitle me to say that this communication is always possible and easy to achieve even with a novice user. The only condition required is access to the Internet. Of course, it is done when you read these lines.

Live Math Help | Online Physics Tutor

During the 8 years since I give live math help I searched continuously to maximize the benefits for pupils and students. Of the thousands of interactive software applications that illustrate important concepts and theorems in mathematics and physics I have carefully selected the best. Some applications are so powerful that not only solve numerically but also symbolically most types of problems of algebra and calculus. Those shows all the steps followed in solving the problem. Thus, in the absence of an Online Physics Tutor or Live Math Help, the student can confidently use those programs.

Multiple choice tests are used increasingly often in high school, college admission, and student exams. I am an expert in solving them. Besides the classical way of finding the right solution, I know various techniques to eliminate wrong answer choices. Those help a lot in saving time available and are also a saving solution when you have forgotten the formulas.

Homework, projects and software to be done in computer science, mathematics, physics or related areas are often require Computer Science Homework Help, Live Math Help or an Online Physics Tutor. If you need help they will be attached as files to the email message.

Upon request, we can start a free phone call over the Internet using Yahoo Messenger or Skype. As I suggested in the beginning, using certain software applications, as long as my student will allow, I can view and interact with programs on his desktop. The student can see this interaction and therefore he can ask questions.In this way we overcome distance barriers placed between us and communicate audio and video about the project in electronic format.

Finally, payment of these services can be easily made by electronic transfer of cash at any bank counter. If you need my help, do not hesitate to contact me.